You may prove your identity with any one of these, if you are recognizable:

  • Previous U.S. passport (mutilated, altered, or damaged passports are not acceptable as proof of identity.)
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Driver's license older than six months
  • Government ID: city, state or federal
  • Military ID: military and dependents

If none of these are available:

In order to help establish your identity for passport purposes, you are requested to:

1. Complete the Supplemental Information Sheet. (Click here for a Pdf Version)

     2. Have a person who can vouch for you Complete An Affidavit and notarize it. He/she must   

o    Have known you for at least 2 years,

o    Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident,

o    Have valid ID.

3. Submit at least 6-10 items from the combination of personal documents and public records from the list below

Documents List:

Documents that bear your photograph, signature and/ or physical description are particularly helpful.

§           School yearbook photograph with name and name of the school*****Very helpful

§         Employment identification card/ records 

§          Federal, state or municipal identification card

§         Student identification card

§          Driver's license (Valid or expired)/ suspension notice

§          Military records (DD-214)

§         Selective service registration/ classification

§         Union membership cards

§         Professional license (nurse, beautician, pilot, mechanic, etc)

§         Physician's or immunization record

§         Medicare/health insurance card

§         Welfare card

§         Marriage certificates and licenses/divorce decrees

§         School transcripts

§          Insurance records

§         Expired passport

§         Hospital birth certificate

§         Baptismal certificate or other religious records

§         Voter's registration card

§         Income tax records/ W-2 forms

§         Banking records

§         Newspaper articles

§         Publicity features

§         Children's birth certificates with parent's name

§         Mortgage, lease or rental agreements

§         Parent’s or siblings birth certificates