Travel letters should be addressed to the Passport Office and contain the following information:

  • The letter should be written on personal letterhead, and should be typed.
  • The name of the passport applicant
  • The country to be visited, the border where you will cross, and the means of transportation
  • The applicant's date of departure (if you may travel at any time, indicate the earliest approximate date)
  • The letter must be signed by the applicant


"Your Personal Letterhead"

To: Passport office

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter is to inform you that I, “Your Name”  will be traveling on “Travel Date” to “Country to be visited.”  I will be traveling by “Means of Transportation” and will cross the border from “U.S. city/state” to “Foreign city/state.”

 Thank you for your assistance in expediting this passport application.


“Your Signature”